E-commerce technology trends in 2017

E-Commerce PortlandWith each passing year, eCommerce industry is growing leaps and bounds and 2016 is no exception to the trend. E-commerce continues to progress quite rapidly and with ever expanding market it is going to be a cut-throat competition even in 2017. With market expansion, the customers will be harder to attract and user experience along with price will play a major role than ever before. At that time, the role of e-commerce technologies will surely come into play and proper utilization of such technologies will determine the scope for growth and success in e-commerce Portland industry. Technologies such as mobile commerce, automated data collection and internet marketing are popular trend in e-commerce industry as of now. All these trends are surely going to play a bigger role in 2017 and will drive the business and industry at large. Let’s have a look at some the trends that will surely have a bearing on the e-commerce industry in 2017-

Smartphone’s will rule the market – Mobile commerce has grown tremendously in past few years and the trend is only going upward. A recent study revealed that the share of mobile transactions in online commerce will reach to approx 70% by the end of 2017.

Considering the trend, more and more e-commerce stores are shutting their website and are arriving on app for a complete mobile only shopping experience. App shopping has come to be recognized as the latest trend and presents a plethora of benefits like user friendly interface, easy accessibility and ease of shopping. All such benefits prove quite handy in respect to e-commerce and the trend will only go upward in coming time.

Flexible delivery will play a bigger role – Humans are quite impulsive by nature and they get little more impatient when they order online. Customer’s expect the delivery to be quick and does not like to wait for the product.

Such expectations from customers in respect to quick delivery are causing a huge upheaval in e-commerce industry and online major like Amazon have also roped in the drone technology to facilitate faster delivery. Crowd sourced delivery option is also being considered by big retailers for a better and faster product delivery.

In this regard whosoever will provide a speedy delivery for their products is surely going to stay in hunt in future. Faster shipping and delivery of the product will be a key in 2017 as well and will give industry the opportunity to retain their customers.

Flexible payment options will certainly make for a better experience – There has been a constant rise in payment options based on mobile. With customers preferring the app based shopping experience, the trend is likely to surge in 2017 as well. Apart from ever so popular methods of debit and credit cards, secure methods like wallet payments and gift cards will also make for a secure and safe transaction.

Additional payment options like Beacons, QR and Near Field Communication options for payment are also made available by retailers to engage more suitably with their customers via smart phones. Newer payment technologies via mobiles will surely make for safer and more secure payment facilitation in 2017 and will surely be in trend.

Pop-ups will continue to make unsettle the customer – Pop-ups that witnessed a revival in 2016 are surely going to be exploited more and more in 2017. Pop-ups are not ads but are merely an invitation to subscribe or sign in to the website to receive emails and offers. Pop-ups are one of the most direct and popular method of marketing and have a bright future. Pop-ups however do prove disturbing as they appear on odd times like when a customer is looking to view specific information or product detail. Therefore, efforts in this direction should be made and pop-ups should appear in corner or while scrolling up down the page to avoid irritation to customers.